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Salvation (Bible Lesson)

The earth on which we live is good among all the planets. In the vast universe this ball of clay attained a specific place because one day the creator was born on this planet as a fleshy man.

This planet was visited by the Son of God. He lived by the name Jesus Christ. Human beings responded to His call. A tomb became empty. This is a historical event took place two thousand years ago. The birth of Christ is a great event in human history. With His birth the time was divided into two parts. One pat is the time before Christ and the other is time A.D. The birth of Jesus is not only an event, but also an precedented act in history. This world began to change from His birth. If Jesus had not come to this earth, the world would have perished.

The hopeless life became hopeful lightening sparked n the clouds. Diving forgiveness was granted to man instead of judgment. The kingdom of God was established on this earth. This is the consequence of Jesus arrival. Jesus changed human being. Man is the key player in this world. Though man’s wisdom changes, his feelings, circumstances and decisions change, if he himself does not change, then what appears to be changed will remain as a mirage. This has been a problem of man over the ages.

Man’s zeal is to change this world without himself being changed. His enthusiasm is to change his physical, financial and social resources without his moral resources being changed. Though man has an ambition to change himself, the sorrowful thing is that he does not know how to bring about that change. Man’s this miserable state is mentioned in the Bible by St. Paul as “For the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not, that I do. O wretched man that I am” but soon he expresses his happiness as” I thank God through Jesus Christ, our Lord” (Rom 7:20, 24-27).

In the above tragedic vesses we can find man’s problem and God’s reply at the same place.

Man is a spiritual patient. There is no righteous, even a single man. The disease that haunts human race is sin. Due to sin spiritual death is inevitable. Moreover greater part of our sufferings and physical ailments arise due to our sin. By the name of religion man is able to teat only the symptoms, but unable to root out the cause of the disease (sin) itself. But God has given the remedy to this disease through Jesus Christ.

First of all when the disease is cured, the symptoms, themselves will disappear. Jesus Christ is called a great healer. He said that his ministry itself is a kind of treatment. The unique drug to the sin is sinless loving sacrifice. No external coatings can remove our sin no take drug can work out. To purify the inseparable fluid from the blood, there should be a blood of sinless person. Things like comparing diseases with one another and identifying the right medicine cannot give healing. There should be a doctor and a right drug. This took place in Jesus’ coming. Only God is sinless. And he sent his son to this world. Jesus sacrificed his blood with love on the cross while the holy blood was coming out of his body he prayed as “Father, forgive them, for theyknow not what do” here the word doing. But today we are unable to understand the sacrifice on the cross disbelieving that sacrifice is sin. There is no other way to the sinner except the divine forgiveness. But that divine forgiveness is not possible without the blood sacrifice of a sinless person. Infact forgiveness cancels the law. The forgiver himself should bear the punishment instead of the offender (culprit). But to do this the forgiver should be sinless. That sinless person is Jesus Christ only. He is the only person to do the sacrifice.

The salvation given by Christ is not mere mental concept, but is a great experience that could be felt in the heart. Fist of all we have to believe in our heart and accept that salvation. We should be added to the church. Then the salvation will complete its process in us through all faces through one face there will be redemption from sin. Through another face there will be redemption from the wrath of God. Through other face then will be redemption from death. These are all deeds of God. There is one more work that God and we can do together. That is new life in Christ and the changed person wearing the humanity shown by Christ. This also is a part of salvation. This takes place through another face. The salvation starts individually and edifies in the church of Christ as a part of the body.

In this aspect, we have to cooperate with god. Such cooperation is our great privilege. God will empower us without affection our freedom. He gave the gift of Holy Spirit to help us in this great deed. Then Jesus who is on the right hand side of god and we n the earth will live with mutual affection and love. We will end our journey someday and go unto him.

And we will be with our Lord forever in that glorious world and will inherit the eternal life and the kingdom of God.

A word before ending. We will be delivered from the filthy culture of this world and transformed into the shape of Christ. The process of salvation lies in understanding that heavenly culture is much better than this worldly culture, and wearing the nature of Christ, renouncing lifeless deeds.

Those who believe in his word will grow thirty fold, sixty fold and hundred fold. Jesus revealed in his nature and teachings the quality and greatness of life in the kingdom of God. This word’s acting is passing away.

God appointed a judgment day for man to give him the wages of his deeds. Why did God create man? Those who do not know or accept this plan will remain as a aimless wanders.

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